Attorney law firm

Attorney law firm

Joan Buades founded in 1979 the firm Buades Feliu, after an enriching professional experience in Madrid and Barcelona. With values and a very clear methodology, the project takes off in a few years exciting and full of changes for the young Spanish democracy.

Within the firm of A. Canizares, you will also find all a department specializing in the appraisal calligraphic, Manager of miracles Cañizares bristle psychologist, graduated at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a member of the National Association of graphologists and experts calligraphers and important.

Most people make the mistake of choosing his lawyer once have had legal problems and is not before made that people seek quickly and without having studied all its possibilities to a law firm that you not give them the best opportunities of success than if you had selected it with all the time in the world.

Many of us do a lot of online shopping and this afternoon can be applied to law firms, as the lawyers ALICANTE offers first quality services through its web site, attracting many people to legal representation of first category. This firm is not the only one that can be found through the Internet, but it’s probably one of the best service is offering in Alicante today.

These four points are those who go to a lawyer for one which are not worth hiring. This is because that much more experience and knowledge has on the subject to be treated, the greater the chance you have of winning.…

Inspections to law firms and bar associations

Inspections to law firms and bar associations

In Andorra, Aleix lawyers, law firm is located in the Centre of Andorra la Vella, capital of the Principality.

Carlos Carnicer, President of the Consejo General de la Abogacía Española, has also used her profile on Twitter to ask his colleagues to not use this moment of pain to get benefit. “No attorney should take advantage of this tragedy,” says Carnicer, expressing also his “absolute respect” to the pain of the victims of the accident in France.

The law firm legal Jover (130 followers), also from Barcelona, also gives condolences to families and add a link to your website. Herrera lawyers (300 followers), in Madrid, which only expresses its “more sense regret me”, forward other two messages with information phones enabled for victims by ministries and Government agencies.

Just today the plenary of the Senate has approved the status of the victim, including the prohibition to solicitors and barristers heading in the first 30 days to victims disaster events that have given rise to a large number of workers affected, to thus avoid abuses. Standard, however, does not apply them to those affected by the accident in the Alps, because it enters into force in six months.

A. Canizares, law firm, covers all kinds of cases relating to civil law, commercial law, administrative law and criminal law, always paying a special dedication to try to get the mediation between the parties and solution procedures by way of the friendly of conflict resolution, provided this possible.…